2023 Summit

Audience members asking questions

Human Rights and the Global Assault on Democracy

October 25-27, 2023
The Dodd Center for Human Rights.

Examine the key threats to democracy and the critical role of international justice and rule of law.
Through a mix of high-profile lectures, practical workshops, roundtable discussions, and a student-oriented hackathon, the Human Rights Summit will serve as a critical venue for sharing insights, building relationships, and inspiring action.

Authoritarian leaders are on the rise. Democratic institutions, officials, journalists, and activists increasingly experience physical violence from extremist actors. Tactics of voter suppression and policies that create barriers to electoral participation persist. Lack of access to information – whether due to state controlled media or rampant spread of disinformation and dangerous speech – continue to shape false political narratives, incite violence, and erode public trust. Contemporary threats to democracy are complex and action is imperative.

Listen to powerful voices from practitioners on the front lines.

Engage new modes of human rights investigation and research.

Develop novel strategies to advance human rights locally and around the world.